Sal I love your classes and I would like to share with others how great Chez Sal is.

As you know, I do travel a fair bit for work and I always try to find a Bikram studio everywhere I go. I have done Bikram 60, 90 and any other possible variation. I have taken classes in every corner of the US, Canada, Dubai, many European countries and more. I yet have to find a studio that compares to yours. You have been spoiling us with the best place to practice and the best quality of teaching you can really find around the world.

I have just done a lunch time "hot yoga 60" in Mississauga Toronto. I really needed the class and the comfort of the hot room after 2 weeks on the road so I am surely not complaining.....I got what I needed!!! during the full 60 minutes, I could not stop going through the teaching that Helena, Catherine, Sam, Sari and the others do provide Chez Sal to keep myself focus and use the right techniques. In this class, the dialogue was super fast but it had no focus on the technique to use for the poses, furthermore it did not matter if you were lengthening or arching, no one was going to correct you. I was watching people doing turtle and arching their back like in rabbit and many more examples like that. Some studios are better then others but this lack of attention and correction is quite common, so I am so looking forward to having Helena pick on us to make us doing the Asana in the correct manner.

Chez Sal really have got the feel right, the heat, the number of people, instruction, everything was spot on! You smashed it and should be very proud!

Wow, what an amazing setup and team! Absolutely  nothing I would change. I can't wait to come back for another class! ​Thank you so much Sal.

Well done Sal for putting yourself and your beautiful home out there for us all. I really enjoyed it and will definitely be buying a class pack!” 

Awesome website and very user friendly! Bought my first 5 package and booked in some dates, can't wait! Well done Sal, it's great stuff!” 

Thank you for an amazing Bikram experience today, absolutely loved it! You have a beautiful home, I will be booking in for your weekly Monday morning sessions. 

Thank you so much for this morning and for you and your husband for giving us the opportunity to practice in such a truly beautiful place. I will be back.” 

We are very lucky that you have managed to, not only continue the highest standards of Bikram Fleet, but raise the bar even higher. 


You’ve made a very special place for people, especially to those lucky enough to attend more than I can...